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Lab Manager, Gestar, Made a Presentation at the 21st CCLA Technical Seminar

Published: 2020-11-29 15:18:00 Browse: 186
    On November 29, 2020 (Beijing Time), the 21st CCLA Technical Seminar was held in Sifang city, Guangdong province. The lab manager of our company, Mr. Gestar was invited to participate in it and made a special presentation.
    Earlier this month, the thesis titled CAF Test Characterization and CAF Failures authored by Mr. Gestar was selected as Excellent by the Expert Committee of the CCLA under the China Electronics Materials Industry Association (CEMIA), and the presentation he made was also on this topic. During the presentation, he summarized the test curves of various CAF failure types on different patterns generated during the CAF test, and provided much guidance to the finding of the most likelycauses of the CAF failure on the PCB in the post-testing analysis. The presentation was well received by the experts and peers present. 


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