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Bob Neves Co-held the 2019 Taipei High Reliability Technology Workshop with IPC

Published: 2019-10-24 08:44:00 Browse: 132
    In recent years, the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the electronic industry, represented by of new energy resources, artificial intelligence and new materials, has exerted a significant impact on global economic and social development. The outdated product technology, industry paradigm and business model are also undergoing major changes with the advent of the 5G era.
    At this historic moment when the global electronics industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading, IPC and Microtek (Changzhou) co-held the 2019 IPC High Reliability Technology Workshop on October 24, 2019 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, where the 2019 TPCA Show was also held simultaneously. At this workshop, experts from various companies discussed about the international industry standards and typical enterprise practice, and explored the standards on intelligent manufacturing, trying to offer integrated solutions to problems encountered in areas like international standards establishment, soldering procedures improvement and product testing. Mr. Bob Neves gave a presentation on PCB Reliability Testing, which focused on high requirements for long-term reliability on PCBs used in transport, aerospace and communications infrastructure. He also discussed the new demands on the long-term reliability of PCBs put by the development of auto-electric vehicles, high-speed trains, avionics, satellite clusters and 5G telecommunications infrastructure, as well as the testing tools for evaluating the reliability of PCBs used in these environment, the test focus and analysis directions. His presentation was warmly welcomed by the attending experts and other attendees.
    Mr. Bob Neves, who also serves as the treasurer/ board director of IPC, was invited to the opening ceremony of 2019 TPCA Show as a VIP guest to cut the ribbon and to deliver a speech. He also witnessed the important moment when TPCA and IPC signed the memorandum of cooperation and attended the IPC& WECC Appreciation Dinner to make a toast speech and present awards to outstanding volunteers in IPC Taiwan Technical Group. Over the years, Mr. Bob Neves has fully supported the development of the electronics industry and made great contribution to the industry in areas from technical standards establishment, R&D of the product testing technologies to pooling industry talent and resources to develop new technologies and to cope with the new 5G challenges.  


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