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2019 IPC APEX EXPO Successfully Held at San Diego Convention Center

Published: 2019-01-31 10:30:00 Browse: 139

On the afternoon of Jan 31, 2019, the three-day IPC APEX EXPO concluded successfully at San Diego Convention Center. As the largest and most authoritative professional exhibition connecting the electronics industries, IPC APEX EXPO 2019 attracted 440 word-leading PCB manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, OEMs, material suppliers and electronics service providers to attend the exhibition and more than 5200 audience to visit and negotiate business.

Microtek Labs has always been dedicated to serving the electronics and polymer industries worldwide, providing our customers with independent and professional testing and certificating services. Since the first IPC APEX EXPO launched in 1994, Microtek has been participating in the exposition for 25 years. Taking the opportunities IPC APEX EXPO brought, we participated in and learned about the IPC standards update process, experienced the latest technology development and kept up with the new market demands.

As in previous years, our small booth attracted lots of visitors and experts from China, United States, Britain, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Japan and Israel, inquiring about testing capabilities, methods we adopt and special services we provide. Bob Neves, the Chairman of Microtek and the IPC Board Director/ Treasurer/ Secretary, as well as Douglas Sober, Microtek’s International Marketing Director and well-known expert in base material, managed to find time from their busy schedules of IPC board meetings, technical meetings and standard task group discussions to entertain our old customers like Arlon and Samina, engaging in discussions on the latest technical improvement in the industry chains and emerging testing requirements. As an increasing number of PCB factories and companies in related industries relocating to Southeast Asia, the IPC APEX EXPO also witnesses an increase of visitors and exhibitors coming from Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. The topics and ideas discussed also get much detailed and deeper, ranging from failure analysis to how to optimize designs through testing. Susan Le, the Lab Manager of Microtek participated in the standard update discussions on SIR, CAF and micro-sectioning, making sure the standards development keeps abreast with the development in the actual production and Microtek better serves our customers as we always do.

At this EXPO, Microtek consolidated the relationship with old customers and cultivated more business opportunities with potential ones. Going forward, we will continue to serve your testing needs, clear up your technical doubts and help launch your products better with expertise and professionalism. 

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